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March 29, 2008

Why they buy

Do the clients believe you? There will always be an initial air of distrust when a "sales rep" comes into the house.
Never forget that:
People ONLY buy from those they like and want to be like.

How does that happen? Where does like and then trust come from? TRUST is ultimately displayed by placing an order. Like and trust are based upon many small factors - appearance, timeliness, professionalism...etc. In my opinion, the biggest factor comes from the dynamic of the overall presentation. Are you there to give a performance and monologue? Or are you there to get involved with the people on their level, interact and start a relationship?

People do not want to be sold, they want to buy.

They want to draw their own conclusion and not just blindly accept what you tell them.
If you say it, they will doubt it.
If they can see and feel it for themselves they will believe it.
If you get the client to say it, they will buy it.

Make sure to involve as many senses as possible. While possessing all, people are either mainly visual, auditory or kinestetic with the dominant trait being the crux of decision making. If you can not determine which your client is...make sure to employ each as part of your presentation.

March 27, 2008

Story Time

Okay we all have great in-home sales stories about the crazy happenings and the things we witness. Here's your chance to share yours. The funny thing is that those outside of our sub-culture will probably think these things can NEVER happen. Those in the inner-sanctum know they occur each and every day.

I have too many to count but here is one of my favorites:
About an hour into the appointment, which was going great, the clients were happy and friendly. As I was setting up my laptop, I asked a few background questions. One was "what is your email address?" The husband said he didn't have one. The wife said, "You can write mine down". At that part, the storm rolled in. The mood changed abruptly. Happy and friendly flew right out of the window. The husband stared down his wife and sternly said, "You can't give him that email address. He's making a permanent record of it." The wife shot back, "Well it's true!" Having managed many tense situations in the past, almost to the point of qualifying as a certified marriage counselor, even I could not subside the wave rapidly heading to shore. She turned to me and blasted out, "myhubbyisacheat". After peeking out from my safe hiding spot behind the laptop screen, I watched as husband and wife (in name only, I guess) exited the kitchen in opposite directions. Less than 20 minutes later I was packed up and on my way, with no deal of course, just another memorable story.

Okay it's your turn. Let's hear your sales story....(please keep it clean!)

What does it for you?

What does it for you? Why do you do what you do?

Many in this sub-culture have fragmented lives, do things outside the norm and don't understand the banality and stability of the 9 to 5ers. So why is this the career path we choose? Is it the money? Is it the Independence? Is it the thrill? Or is it the pride of fulfilling a client's wants and needs?

Share with us...bare your soul, that's if you haven't sold yours yet.

What's your favorite part of the job? It's funny that I actually just referred to it as a job, because I often say that at 46, I've never had a "real job" in my life...LOL.

Now while I'm interested in hearing from ALL, I will not tolerate the impostors. I've met many that claim that they are million dollar producers and expect to make six figures by September. This is not an elitist blog, all are welcome, but don't make claims you can't back up...THANKS

On the other hand, if you're looking for tips and tools you just might find this blog a great platform. As "Ed" said once, "I learn more outside the meetings and training seminars when i just hang out with true sales people at a bar". Just ask our spouses or significant others, who all hate us, all conversations lead back to sales - sounds boring, but I assure you - we ain't!


When does the sale occur? It occurs on the first appointment that the price is presented. In MOST cases that is the FIRST call. A sale happens on EVERY appointment.

"Someone always gets sold. It is either the client or the sales rep"

When you leave the that call you want to leave with a check* or a "no". Maybes are way too expensive. If you don't know what that means, you are either a novice, not successful or someone looking to enter our sub-culture.

* "It is better to bring back a check with no contract than a contract with no check"

A contract without a deposit is not much better than a written estimate....also known as a "maybe"

The sales system

Selling is a matter of following a sales system. Not just any system. A proven, successful system designed for the product and service that you offer.

"The system never fails. Only you fail the system"

Following the system is a product of a few items:
  1. Knowing the system inside and out, forward and backward
  2. Keeping control of the appointment and not allowing people or situations to derail you from the system
  3. NEVER cut steps out of laziness, poor attitude or a pre-judgement of the client or appointment

The first comes from effort, practice and a commitment to being a success. The second comes with confidence and fluency in the system. Novices allow themselves to get derailed and feel they can blame someone or something else for NOT selling, when the MAIN reason is the sales rep. The third is unfortunately very common. How many times have we been on an appointment and feel like it's not good and we can't wait to get through and get out. Then, out of the blue, something changes or things are revealed to make a seemingly bad appt. a good one. Now, those steps you left out or cut short are long gone and there is no going back. Then all of a sudden you realize your effort was sub-par and not good enough to close the deal. You wish you could have a do-over. No such luck. A deal and a commission check squandered!

"The natural conclusion to a professional sales presentation is the SALE"