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March 8, 2011

Design and Build Remodeling Estimates

How does a homeowner make a thoroughly informed buying decision when it comes to major home renovations? It is quite difficult, mostly confusing, and all too often leads to an unpleasant remodeling experience.

We have a process that have proven to be mutually beneficial and creates a professional beginning to a rewarding remodeling experience for all.

The initial meeting starts with a complimentary Tier-1 project plan and budget consultation. Here is the slide show that we send in advance of the initial meeting:

Then we firmly believe that the only way to accurately compare estimates is through our Tier-2 level of development. Anything short of that is just a price. At our initial Tier-1 meeting we pride ourselves in providing valuable, in-depth information about your project, investments, and how the process should be before, during, and well after the work. 

Here is a the link to a YouTube slide-show video illustrating our Tier-2 Design and Development  process:

Our Tier-2 level of development includes: three design/layout options, detailed floor plan, 3-D color elevation views, overviews, furniture placement, 47-category scope of work, 50-category breakdown of pricing by project phase, plus and minus options for specifically discussed scope options, breakout of product selection items (both those included with order plus any item that may need to be purchased directly by the homeowner), material list (for certain projects), calendar showing start, duration, and guaranteed completion dates, 300+ job references including project description, addresses, names, and phone numbers. 

This process was not created by us alone. It was actually developed through suggestions made by previous clients at our annual Homeowners Advisory Council. We hold a this dinner to obtain ideas and feedback in order to continually improve the pleasant, rewarding remodeling experience which we provide.

For homeowners that attempt to make comparisons without Tier-2, we do offer our Price Match Guarantee for their protection. At no cost to you, we will review the information you were provide by other remodelers and highlight where differences or shortfalls might be. If the proposal is a worthy match to our company status, quality products, skilled installations and exceptional services then we gladly will match that price! This program was designed specifically for homeowners that expect a positive, ultra-professional remodeling experience, not willing to settle for less, but also want the best price possible.

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