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April 20, 2008

OH NO! Where's the check?

We all have "lost the deposit check" stories. A very low, gut wrenching feeling after the euphoria of the sale.

Here is Brian's from yesterday:

Here's a good one. I was on a lead today that I sold in union. It was a roof sale for 9k. As I was putting my stuff away in my truck I casually placed the folder containing the measurements, signed contract and check for 2k..... On my bumper. -- Of course my phone rings at that point and I drive off leaving the folder on my bumper. I proceed to Springfield feeling proud of myself for selling another job. I arrive for my lunch that I was so looking forward to and I realize. "OH SHIT!, WHERE'S MY DEAL?? DAM IT!!". So I backtracked back to Union from Springfield..... Then I started the route I traveled from the customer's house to Springfield. When I got all the way back to Springfield, at the intersection of Springfield Ave and Morris was when I found evidence of the folder. First I found the measuring sheet., then eventually the yellow copy of the contract which was great. But still no $2k check. I continued to search and search for my lost check. And finally, there it was in the middle of Morris Avenue at Meisel.... But oh nooooo! The light was turning green..... I wasn't going to let my check get run over by anymore cars so I dashed out and rescued it. I definitely earned my commission on that one. I endangered myself in traffic today to save a deal. Literally.

As long as I didn't have to explain the missing check to the customer I'm happy.


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