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August 24, 2010

Today's Remodeling Sales

Is your home remodeling sales presentation the same as it was five years ago? Chances are if it is exactly the same your results are less than those of five years ago. The difference in time time span is undoubtedly the economy. With those changes in the economy have come vast changes in the attitude and purchasing habits of homeowners. 

Clients no longer want to hear about your company's past accolades. They want to know "what's in it for me?" Also they are looking for deep discounts. Often unrealistic discounts, figuring remodelers have the same markups as sneaker manufacturers. 

Where does that leave us? Cut all our margins to a fatal level? I suggest you don't. Instead, refocus your presentation to be a more interactive, consultive selling process. Tailor each project to suit the needs of the family, home, and neighborhood. Be careful not to over design and price the newly remodeled home out of the local real estate market. Let the client be a part of all the potential value-added decisions. Help them decide whether to "move or improve", which is now a consideration on many more potential projects than previous years. 

Does the project, as discussed and agreed, create a solution for them, their family, and home?

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