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August 26, 2010

When does the sale actually occur?

At what part of the presentation does the sale actually occur? As far as I am concerned, the sale must occur in the rep's mind before they enter the meeting. The first person that must be sold in the sales process is the sales rep. If the sales rep does not have 100% confidence in their company, products, systems, service..etc selling to another is an uphill battle. If the sales rep would buy the product and/or service themselves , the sales process is merely an elaborate testimonial.

Armed with this confidence, part of the "pre-call preparation" should include the rep visualizing the handshake, signature, and check from the client they are about to meet. With this self-fulfilling prophecy in the rep's mind, the actual sale is foregone conclusion. The only change in the outcome occurs when the client out sells the rep or gains control of the presentation procedure and undermines it.

The following is an actual dialog from a long ago appointment that is embedded in my mine and remains a component of all our sales training:

at the initial rep-client greeting...

SS: I just what to let you know that I am in sales myself and whatever happens, I refuse to make decision and purchase anything today.

NP: That is fine and understandable. My intention today is to merely give you information and options.

two hours later as SS is filling out the check for the first payment...

SS: I have to ask, at what point during the presentation did you realize that I would buy from you tonight?

NP: At the moment that I started walking from my truck to your home. I did come here to NOT sell you something. Plus, any outcome is a decision. Hopefully the decision that is agreed upon is the easiest and obvious one that makes the most sense and is the most beneficial to all parties involved.


This same attitude and philosophy applies today whether you are selling a $500 item or a $500,000 home remodeling project. If you would like to know how this can apply to your business model, please contact me...I love to share! 

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