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August 21, 2010

We Want Objections!

An appointment without objections is like a story with no plot, direction or ending. If the client shows no resistance throughout the buying process there is zero interest on their part towards the project. This is possibly the worst scenario one can face. You need to create excitement, enthusiasm, and interaction or the entire appointment will seem like a dream you are sleep walking through. When you wake up, you’ll be leaving through their door hearing “Thanks for your time, we’ll call you.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be awoken with cold water in my face!

Objections are a natural part of the buying process. A client’s objection often means one of two things. It can be a need for more information at that point of the presentation. There might be questions that the client has and they might not know how to ask the question so their concern comes out in the form of an objection. Understanding this, we recognize that the best way to overcome an objection is to address it before it arises. This is achieved by always giving a complete presentation. The presentation is designed to address the common questions and concerns that clients have each and every day. The other reason a client offers an objection is an attempt to slow down the direction the presentation is going in…a sale! The sale is the natural conclusion of the presentation in the buying process when a professional company is combined with its profile client. Often when a client realizes that the sale is inevitable they throw out an objection to slow down the speeding train, even if they intend to buy from you.

These two types of objections are called false objections. They make up approximately 80% of all the objections that we will encounter. Be aware of this and learn how to overcome ALL objections, true or false,

Let’s recap this. The client predominately brings up an objection because they want more information or they recognize they are about to buy from you. All I can say to that is “Bring on the objections!”

Now let’s quantify and qualify the TRUE objections. There are only FOUR true objections. Every phraseology of a true objection falls into one of these four:

1. “We need to think about it.”

2. “We are getting other estimates.”

3. “We need to check with our….father, cousin, insurance agent, financial planner….etc.”

4. “It is too much money.”

The first three true objections are subjective. Sometimes they can be a moving target. When dealing with these objections, the most effective technique is to get the final objection to be the money. Money is an objective, finite objection that can be overcome logically and systematically.

Knowledge is power. We now know that objections can be true or false objections. We understand that there are only four true objections. Any objection is a buying sign. Again, the best way to handle an objection is to address it before it comes up.

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