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March 27, 2008

The sales system

Selling is a matter of following a sales system. Not just any system. A proven, successful system designed for the product and service that you offer.

"The system never fails. Only you fail the system"

Following the system is a product of a few items:
  1. Knowing the system inside and out, forward and backward
  2. Keeping control of the appointment and not allowing people or situations to derail you from the system
  3. NEVER cut steps out of laziness, poor attitude or a pre-judgement of the client or appointment

The first comes from effort, practice and a commitment to being a success. The second comes with confidence and fluency in the system. Novices allow themselves to get derailed and feel they can blame someone or something else for NOT selling, when the MAIN reason is the sales rep. The third is unfortunately very common. How many times have we been on an appointment and feel like it's not good and we can't wait to get through and get out. Then, out of the blue, something changes or things are revealed to make a seemingly bad appt. a good one. Now, those steps you left out or cut short are long gone and there is no going back. Then all of a sudden you realize your effort was sub-par and not good enough to close the deal. You wish you could have a do-over. No such luck. A deal and a commission check squandered!

"The natural conclusion to a professional sales presentation is the SALE"

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