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March 29, 2008

Why they buy

Do the clients believe you? There will always be an initial air of distrust when a "sales rep" comes into the house.
Never forget that:
People ONLY buy from those they like and want to be like.

How does that happen? Where does like and then trust come from? TRUST is ultimately displayed by placing an order. Like and trust are based upon many small factors - appearance, timeliness, professionalism...etc. In my opinion, the biggest factor comes from the dynamic of the overall presentation. Are you there to give a performance and monologue? Or are you there to get involved with the people on their level, interact and start a relationship?

People do not want to be sold, they want to buy.

They want to draw their own conclusion and not just blindly accept what you tell them.
If you say it, they will doubt it.
If they can see and feel it for themselves they will believe it.
If you get the client to say it, they will buy it.

Make sure to involve as many senses as possible. While possessing all, people are either mainly visual, auditory or kinestetic with the dominant trait being the crux of decision making. If you can not determine which your client is...make sure to employ each as part of your presentation.

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